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Michigan Hail Damage AppraisersDid you know that when there is a catastrophe MAC is here to help you through those hard times that seem to take up every resource you have?  Don’t let your day to day losses get behind or neglected.  Our appraisal experts are here to assist you during the rough times as-well.  Hail losses from powerful storms can take up crucial manpower from your company.  Michigan Hail Loss and Cat Loss Appraisal CompanyAttention needs to be given to your customers needs for appraisals and not overlook them.  Let MAC help you out during the storm season or winter season to increase your turn around time on claims for your clients.



Michigan Appraisal Company can also help you with Desk Reviews.  Our company has a dedicated department that is diligently working on Desk Reviews for insurance carriers every day.  Let us take the stress out of the numerous Desk Reviews  that you deal with on a daily basis and turn those files right around so that payments can be sent to the bodyshop or Insured for repair.  Having a happy customer and quick turnaround is what will set you apart from your competition when getting the minor accidents handled professionally and promptly.  We will work with the body shop of choice to make sure that repairs are being handled with industry standards in mind.  Another advantage to using MAC for your Desk Reviews is that we make sure that you are not being overcharged for repairs.  We will utilize aftermarket parts or used parts when applicable to help raise those savings.  It’s a win – win situation when you choose the best in the industry to handle your Desk Reviews. 

Classic and Antique Car Appraisals in MichiganThe general public can hire Michigan Appraisal Company for services such as arbitrations or classic car appraisals.  Classic car appraisals are handled for individuals all the time at MAC.  We take a comprehensive approach when determining the value of your pride and joy.  A full vehicle inspection from top to bottom is performed during time of inspection.  Our appraisers will arrive at your location to perform the inspection or you can drive it to our headquarters which is located in Grand Rapids Michigan.  In either case you can be rest assured that our experts will take into account all of the factors to determine the value of your vehicle.  A full report about your vehicle along with market comparables and photos are included in a concise report to fulfill the requirements that your insurance carrier needs to insure your vehicle.  Classic car appraisals may also be needed by banks or attorney’s to put a value on your asset.  In any case our appraisal report will give you the proper information for your third parties request.  To inquire about a classic appraisal contact us 800-999-9746 or contact us and we will give you a call within 24 business hours. 

Arbitrations are instances where your insurance company has made an offer for your total loss settlement, but you feel that the offer is lower than what the market value of your insured property is worth.  Michigan Appraisal Company will perform a full inspection of your vehicle to gain insight on your vehicles fair market value.   We will take into account unrelated damage from that didn’t occur from the incident and any additional options that may add value to your vehicle.  MAC will then arbitrate against your insurance company to increase the value of your settlement offer for that particular loss.  You can be confident that when Michigan Appraisal Company accepts your personal arbitration that your arbitration will be handled with professionalism that is second to none.  Arbitrations can only be handled if there isn’t a conflict of interest.  We will be in constant contact with you throughout the arbitration process to keep you in the loop on progress that is being made.  Arbitrations can be resolved in as quickly as a week or can extend to a full month.  It all depends on how quick your insurance company reacts to Michigan Appraisals Appraisal’s responsive team that encourages quick results when it comes to handling our customer’s arbitrations.  Piece of mind is milestone one when accepting consumer’s arbitration cases against their own carrier.